The first night at Bonnaroo is often thought of as a ‘sleeper.’ The big names may still be on another continent and the main stages aren’t even open yet. Sure, you won’t hear ‘Let It Happen’ or ‘All My Friends’ until late Friday, but there are plenty of reasons to stay up into the wee […]

Get pumped ’cause the Whigs have a new album now in rotation! AND they’re gonna be performing at the Blind Tiger this Saturday (4/12). So much Whig goodness in one week. They are from Athens, Georgia and┬ábegan performing when they were only in college. Now, just a few years later, they are capturing the hearts […]

Do you like African, Latin or jazz, or all of the above? Then you better check out this band! Diali Cissokho & Kaira Ba is captivating. Their new album is being released tomorrow, but you can catch a sneak peak today at 4 (plus an interview with the band)!

Having a rough week? Listen to Panda Panda! to mellow you out and lift your spirits. The Black & White EP is their latest work- a mostly instrumental compilation of hip-hop beats, electro vibes, and some acoustics as well. It is fun, well-crafted, and in rotation now! Really, these guys are great. But don’t take […]

Planning a trip to New York? You could just save your money and listen to Skaters instead! Their latest album will instantly transport you to a grungy, Brooklyn venue where you can dance ’til your little heart’s content (if you use your imagination, of course). This garage-punk trio is catchy, to say the least. All […]

Nothing says local quite like a band who uploads youtube videos taken at the The Blind Tiger! Found in Rotation B