The Music Managers



Laura “Hobbles” Hobbleton hails from a small shire that looks suspiciously like New Zealand. Not to be confused with the short guys who have hairy feet and are always hungry, the Hobbeltons are in fact a small group of musically minded normal sized people who some claim are the finest music managers in the world. Despite growing up in Hobbleton, Laura has been at Guilford for several years and is now a senior (academically not age-wise), and has been able to apply her childhood lessons to her WQFS show and continually amazing work for the station. Again, if you want to have a chat with her about what she’ll be doing over J-term or anything else WQFS Music related you’re not looking for someone who recklessly follows bearded old men into inappropriate battlefield settings.



Gabe, Laura, and I are proud to present Niall! Built of the latest technology from the feet up, Niall represents our continued efforts to find the perfect freshman manager. In this case we decided that our best chance to find such a manager was to build one. Powered by el passion por la musica and spanglish (not the movie), Niall functions at the highest music manager level possible, his special abilities include communication with record labels, hunting down the perfect Rotation albums, a huge knowledge of and interest in many different genres, and a heart of gold. Feel free to approach him at any point, he has been programmed to interact with humans and DJ’s alike, just try not to spill liquids on him.



Is it a Gabe? Is it a plane? No! It’s an eagle soaring above the snowcapped peaks of CD and Vinyl mountains, always hunting and searching for the perfect music! Wait… that might actually be Gabe… Well even if it is Gabe then he is still exactly the excellent elegant eagle we are all so eager to have on the music manager team. We all know and love this regal eagle for his communication with DJ’s, uncanny ability to find the perfect music, and all around charming personality. Stay tuned for a lot more Gabe the Babe in the future of WQFS and in your lives!



And I’m Matt, but since I wrote this I probably won’t praise myself, that’d be a little awkward right?


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